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P6 RGB Component Adapter



NEC PC-6001 mkII or later has a digital RGB output and you can use 15 colors. This is an adapter to connect a PC-6001 mkII or later with a television that has a component video input. Most Japanese televisions have D inputs and you can input component video signal using a component-D conversion cable.


Retro PCs I Used for Tests

PC-6001 mkII

How to Connect

Use a power supply of about 11-13 V, more than 0.3A. The connector : outside 5.5mm / center 2.1mm and center is plus.

You can use this adapter in 8 color mode by toggling the switch on the adapter. You can use this adapter with PC-8001 and so on. But retro PCs that output boder color signal while horizontal synchronization period like Toshiba PASOPIA are not supported. Use Digital RGB Component Adapter.


Adjust color and luminance by the volumes BVR, YVR and RVR on the adapter.