Vegetablets Go

in Japanese (FC version)

Vegetablets Go (NES) Price: 35 USD
Shipping: 7.5 USD
Sold out. Thank you very much! Tested only with a US version NES

The Dream Continues

Last year I sold a game called ILEVAN. Actually, I made the MSX version of ILEVAN in 1987 when I was in high school, and got an excellent prize in a magazine called POPCOM. I tried selling the MSX version and the FC version making the cartridges with cassette tape cases, and a lot of people liked the game. Making FC games was my dream.

Since the 1990s, I got no longer interested in games, but ILEVAN's small hit pushed me back. And an overseas friend of mine was also making games for old game consoles. I wanted to make a new game again.

Vegetablets Go is a game I made seriously for the first time in nearly 30 years.


I only tested the NES version Vegetablets Go with a US version NES. I don't support other version NES, but when you try it with a European version NES, try to push the reset button about 8 times. This cartridge uses AVRCICzz-v3, so it may work.

Tulip House can not guarantee any damage when using this software cartridge.


Plug the game cartridge in a NES and turn on the switch. After playing, turn off the switch and unplug the cartridge.

How To Play

Push the START button.

Farm Round


You are the bear. Control the bear with controller 1 and carry the crops (cabbage, spinach, strawberry) in the field to the harvest point.

Go to the crop and press the B button to have the crop. By pressing the B button while you have a crop, you can put the crop there.

Go to the harvest point and press the B button to place the crop.

Monkeys also carry crops to their harvest points, so let's not let them bring crops.

Caterpillars will devour crops. The cripped crops have less value.


You can jump by pressing the A button while you don't have a stone. You will die if you hit a monkey or a caterpillar. Dodge them well. There are places you can not go unless you jump.


You can have a stone with the B button just like a crop. While you have a stone and are facing right or left, you can throw the stone with the A button in that direction. Monkeys can also have stones and throw them.

When a monkey or a caterpillar strikes a thrown stone, it is dragged with the stone. When the monkey has a crop at that time, it will drop that crop, so let's take the crop back.

Monkeys also bring stones. And when they come along side by side with you, they throw stones. If you strike a thrown stone, you will die.

People of the Universe

The people in the sky, the universe, drop a part of their body toward you. If it strokes you, you will die. Let's avoid it well. But it may be a good thing for crops.


When you eat meat, power comes out for a while. Let's try to press the A button.

How to Beat the Round?

When all the crops remaining on the screen are placed at the harvest points, the round ends. If the harvest amount is over the price for that you can buy a diamond, you beat the farm round. Otherwise, you lose one life, and you have to do a farm round once more. you buy a diamond, and flowers with the remaining money. Flowers are used to attack enemies in the space round.

Space Round

Cotrol the bear with controller 1, avoid enemies, bullets, musical notes and hearts that the cutie shoots.

Taking one flower in outer space, you can shoot up to 10 flowers. So you can attack enemies with the A button. The cutie pretends to accept flowers.

At the end of the space round, a diamond comes out. Take it and shoot it toward the cutie. If the cutie receives the diamond, you beat the space round. If she fails to receive it, you lose a life and have to play the space round once again.

Game over when you lose all lives.