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A review by Javi Lavandeira

A review of the original MSX version by 本名荒井 (Japanese).

A cartoon of ILEVAN will be included in Game Impact magazine (Japanese)!

A poster for California Extreme 2017 by Les Barrows

I Made My Dream in 1987 Come True!

I wrote this game in 1987. Was a senior in high school then. I submitted it to a magazine called POPCOM and got an excellent prize in the April 1988 issue. It was a type-in program in machine language. Since the program list spanned 12 pages, it was not that many people could play it.

After 30 years, I came up with the idea of making the cartridge of that game. Because I couldn't obtain a cartridge shell, I processed a cassette case and made it a cardridge shell.

The original game was for MSX, but I thought it would be fun to have a Famicom version.

So I made the MSX version and FC version of that game with DIY.


FC version is for Japanese Famicom. It doesn't work with a NES.

The cartridge is fragile because it is made of a cassette case. Please handle with care.

This game is a little hard. You will have to understand the rule well.

Don't use the eject lever of the Famicom. It may damage the cartridge or the Famicom.

Tulip House can not guarantee any damage when using this software cartridge.


Plug the game cartridge in a Famicom or an MSX and turn on the switch. After playing, turn off the switch and pull the cartridge up without using the eject lever of the Famicom.

The Rules

Control ILEVAN with the cursor keys (MSX) or the controller (FC), and eat all food in the field.

without dentures, ILEVAN can not eat food except puddings

If ILEVAN eats a cake, a pudding or a rice cracker, the FULNESS increases by 1.

When a MOGMOG touches ILEVAN, he steals ILEVAN's dentures and begins to eat food.

If you push the space key (MSX) or the A button (FC), ILEVAN jumps and poops at the same time decreasing the FULLNESS by 2.

When the FULLNESS becomes zero, ILEVAN dies.

If a MOGMOG who has dentures steps on a poop, he drops the dentures. ILEVAN can take the dentures back.

If ILEVAN eats a cake or a rice cracker, the ODOR increases by 1. When the ODOR is high, enemies chase ILEVAN hard. If ILEVAN eats a gum, the ODOR becomes zero.

SWEEPERs clean poops.

If all the food is gone, you finish the round. But if the FULLNESS is less than the number that was displayed when the round began, the life decreases by 1 and you have to play the round again.

A MIRAO is hiding in a fake cake. If ILEVAN eats the cake, a MIRAO appears and chases ILEVAN. If ILEVAN touches a MIRAO, ILEVAN dies. If a MIRAO steps on a poop, he stops for a while. But sometimes he doesn't stop and drops a delicious thing. When he is stopping, ILEVAN doesn't die even if he touches the MIRAO.

IF a HIEBAR eats a KARAMUPO, she gets red and blows out a certain amount of steam. If ILEVAN touchs a red HIEBAR or steam, he dies.

IF ILEVAN eats a KARAMUPO, he can throw the dentures by pushing the space key (MSX) or the A button (FC). If a MIRAO hits the dentures that was thrown, he changes direction. If a MOGMOG hits the dentures that was thrown, he steals the dentures. If a SWEEPWR hits the dentures that was thrown, he disappears and appear at his house again. If a HIEBAR hits the dentures that was thrown, she disappears for a while.

Everytime ILEVAN eats 4 rice crackers, he throws the dentures.

If ILEVAN goes to a WARP ZONE, he appears at another WARP ZONE.

If ILEVAN touches a SUISUI, the SUISUI gets yellow and the FULLNESS decreases by 3. The yellow SUISUI throws a yellow thing. If ILEVAN touches the yellow thing, he dies. But if the yellow thing comes on the back of ILEVAN, ILEVAN doesn't die and he just throws the dentures. If the yellow SUISUI steps on a poop, he puts a delicious thing and gets white (cyan in MSX) again.

If you push the M key (MSX) or the B button (FC), ILEVAN puts a power poop in the field decreasing the FULLNESS by 4. After a while the power poop explodes and attacks enemies. If ILEVAN eats a pudding, the power poop explodes immediately.

If you want to kill ILEVAN yourself, push the D key (MSX) or the Select Button (FC).

Continuing the Game

If you want to play again from the round you couldn't finish, start the game while the left button is pushed.