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Component Video Card for Apple IIe


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Installing this card in the AUX.connector of an Apple IIe and connecting with a television which has a component video input, you can enjoy clear picture compared with composite video.


high resolution, normal modehigh resolution, stripe mode
low resolution, normal modedouble high resolution, normal mode
(You need also a Nishida Radio's 64K RAM card.)
color textmonochrome text

You can select normal mode or stripe mode which reflect NTSC color wave in luminance signal by the PIXEL MODE switch.
You can turn off the color of text in GR/HGR mode by the GR/HGR TEXT switch.


Adjust luminance level with the YVR volume, B-Y level with the BVR volume, and R-Y level with the R-Y volume.

Equipments used in test

Apple IIe 1984 logic board and Japanese TOSHIBA REGZA TV which has a D video input.


This card doesn't support a euro Apple IIe.
Using this card with a euro Apple IIe seems to generate 576i component video signals.
This card can only be used with an Apple IIe (NTSC).