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Dear Customers

I'm sorry for not responding to messages/emails these days. I'm busy designing a new product now.
Now I don't have parts for Apple II GS ROM3 DVI adapter. I will order more parts and PCBs with ones for the new product.
Please wait until I finish designing the new product.
Thank you.

Now On Sale

Sold out. Thank you very much!

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Product Lineup

work what's this for? reference price (USD)shipping (USD) review
DVI Adapter for Apple II GS ROM3 Connect a DVI monitor or an HDMI TV with an Apple II GS ROM3 50 7 Joe's Computer Museum
VGA Adapter for Apple II GS ROM3 Connect a VGA monitor with an Apple II GS ROM3 60 7
UNISDISK Air Series emulate two 5" drives or four SmartPort drives, controlled via WiFi 35 7 YouTube video by Arnaud COCQUIERE
YouTube video by Chris Torrence


Retro PCs are broken down easily even if you use them properly. We test all products before shipping. But any damage when our products are used cannot be guaranteed by Nishida radio. Please understand.

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