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I'm Sorry...

I'm sorry that everything is behind schedule because my allergy got worse since last November, and I suffered from inflammation throughout the body very much. I'm getting better and started doing things slowly.

I won't accept orders for a while. New products will be delayed. I'm sorry...

Now On Sale!

Sold Out!

Please order via email.

All my products are handmade. I design, collect parts, assemble and ship products by myself with a little help from my father.

Basically you can't buy now except products on Now On Sale!, but ask me if you want the following products. I will make them if you allow me enough time and I can get parts.

Apple II Related Work

work what's this for? reference price (USD)shipping to US/Europe (USD)
by registered air mail
PCB stock review
UNISDISK emulate two 5" drives + four SmartPort drives Unit: 50
DB19 Cable: 15
20 pin Cable: 5
IIc Internal Cable: 5
6.35 A review in Portuguese by Alessander De Souza Goulart.
A video review by Juan Siaba.
Keyboard Adapter for Apple II Plus use Apple II Plus with a low cost USB keyboard 30 5.6
Keyboard Adapter for Apple IIe use Apple IIe with a low cost USB keyboard 35 6.35
Apple II Flash Firmware Card replace Apple II/Plus BASIC ROM with a flash memory 38 6.35
Component Video Card for Apple IIe enjoy Apple IIe with a modern TV 38

YouTube video (NTSC IIe) by Age Rettvin

YouTube video (PAL IIe) by Age Rettvin

64K RAM Card for Apple IIe 64K RAM card which can be used with the Component Video Card for IIe 32 6.35
VGA Card for Apple IIe (NTSC) connect an Apple IIe with a VGA monitor 55 6.35

YouTube video review by Age Rettvin

VGA Adapter for Apple IIc (NTSC) connect an Apple IIc with a VGA monitor 55 6.35
Analog RGB Component Adapter for Apple II GS enjoy Apple II GS with a modern TV 40 7.1

A Case by Michael M and Alex Jacocks

YouTube video by Dagen Brock

YouTube video by Age Rettvin

SORD m5 Related Work

work what's this for? price(USD) shipping US/Europe(USD) PCB stock
Flash Card for SORD m5 enjoy m5 with a flash memory 35 6.35


service price(USD) shipping US/Europe (USD) notice
flash memory EN29F002T writing25.6 (up to 5 memories)include one EN29F002T

Free Work

You can make PCBs by sending the gerber files to Fusion PCB.

work review and other information
DISK II emulator SDISK II for Apple II A Case by Michael M and Alex Jacocks

Donations are welcome & appreciated : PayPal

Old Products (sold out)

work review and other information
USB Joystick Adapter for Apple II
DB-19 Adapter for SDISK II / DISK II
EN29F002T Flash Memory Writer
Digital RGB Component Adapter

Payment method


Retro PCs are broken down easily even if you use them properly. We test all products before shipping. But any damage when our products are used cannot be guaranteed by Nishida radio. Please understand.

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