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m5 Flash Card



This is an EN29F002T flash ROM card for SORD m5.

You can put 16 images of 16K bytes on this card. And there is also 32K bytes SRAM on this card. You will be able to use BASIC-I or BASIC-G with plenty of memory.

You need a flash ROM writer that can write to an EN29F002T flash memory.

How To Use

You can select a ROM image from 16 ROM images by the DIP switch.

The SRAM is mapped from 8000h to FFFFh.


When you write an image by a EN29F002T Flash Memory Writer, make the length of the image exactly 256K bytes (16K bytes x 16 = 26144 bytes).


I'd like to thank to sion's papa who made me link again to the SORD m5 world.
And I'd like to thank to people who gave me various information on the web about SORD m5.