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USB Keyboard Adapter for Apple IIe


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This is an adapter to connect a USB keyboard with an Apple IIe.

You can use not only typewriter pairing keyboards but logical pairing keyboards. For example, pushing ':' in logical pairling mode is the same effect as pushing ';' with a shift key in typewriter pairing mode.



Toggle between typewriter pairing mode and logical pairing mode : Alt + F11
Swap a Caps Lock key with a Ctrl key : Alt + F10

Special Key Assignment

Reset : F12
Open Apple: Windows key
Solid Apple: Alt

Reset only works while pushing with a Ctrl key.


Supported USB Equipments

I designed this product only for low cost USB keyboards. I didn't do any USB compliance tests. Don't use expensive keyboards. I've tested only with the following keyboards.

SANWA : SKB-E1U (Typewriter Pairing)
ELECOM : TK-FCM007BK (Japanese Logical Pairing)
BUFFALO : BSKBU02 (Japanese Logical Pairing)
DELL : L100