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Flash Firmware Card for Apple II


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This is a card to replace the on board BASIC ROMs to a EN29F002T flash memory. You can use this card for an Apple II / Plus whose BASIC ROM doesn't work.

How To Use


Insert the card to an Apple II.
You can turn off the flash and use on board ROMs by the switch on the card.
You can select an image from the 16 images by the DIP switch on the card. Note that switch 1 is LSB and switch 4 is MSB.

Writing Images on a Flash

Place a ROM image on the address from 1000h to 3fffh (12K bytes). Place dummy data from 0000h to 0fffh.

If you want to use multiple ROM images, place data as the following.

DUMMY : 0000h - 0FFFh
ROM0 : 1000h - 3FFFh
DUMMY : 4000h - 4FFFh
ROM1 : 5000 - 7FFFh
DUMMY : 8000 - 8FFFh
ROM2 : 9000 - BFFFh

When you write an image using EN29F002T Flash Memory Writer, make the total length exactly 256K bytes by adding dummy data.