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VGA Card for Apple IIe

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Installing this card in the AUX connector of an Apple IIe, it generates video signal whose horizontal synchronization frequency is 31.5 KHz and vertical synchronization frequency is 60 Hz. Only NTSC version Apple IIe is supported.

You can use this card with a Nishida Radio's 64K RAM Card. In that case, plug the edge connector of the 64K RAM Card in the AUX connector.

DIP Switches

1ON: make text characters thicker for 80 column text mode.
2OFF: color mode, ON: mono color mode
3-6specify a color for text and mono color from low resolution 16 colors. Switch 3 is LSB, and switch 6 is MSB.


Adjust R, G and B level with the RVR, GVR and BVR volume.


With the limitation of pixel clock, 80 column text is not beautiful when using an LCD VGA monitor. So I added a function to make text characters thicker.

Equipments used in test

Apple IIe 1984 logic board, DELL E178FPc and MITSUBISHI RDT1713S.


This card doesn't support a euro (PAL) Apple IIe.
This card can only be used with an Apple IIe (NTSC).